My Soviet Biker Chick in her Sexy Black Dress

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The RMCS 4 (+1) which I normally keep configured in 7.62x39 is the ultimate SHTF rifle. The (+1) is my moniker since I had to buy the 22 LR bolt outside of my original package for this modular rifle. The overall cost is less than it would be if I bought one rifle in each caliber, so the investment was sound. It comes with a nice hard shell case that carries every modular component. With this rifle I can easily re-configure it within less time than reloading a 30 round magazine by hand and thumb and have it set up to fire 556 NATO/223, 300 black out, 7.62x39, 9 mm, and even 22 LR. So in a collapse of society most any mass produced cartridges in this country I could expect to find just laying around and walk up on are useful to me now.