Can Memory Foam Stop a Bullet? We Put it to the Test!

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Can a memory foam mattress really stop a bullet? Can a memory foam mattress save your life? To find out, we will put that to the test in this video using a variety of firearms and ammunition. We will be using the S&W 617 in 22LR, the Walther PPQ in 9mm, the Taurus PT1911 in 45 ACP, the Bersa BAR15 in 556 and the Girsan MC312 in 12ga.

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00:00 Start
01:09 S&W 617 22LR
02:08 Walther PPQ 9mm
03:08 Taurus PT1911 45 ACP
03:55 Bersa BAR15-MFT 556
05:04 Girsan MC312 12ga
06:19 Hunters HD Gold
07:18 Holes In The Mattress
08:02 Final Thoughts

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