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A look at one of my Range Days

A look at one of my Range Days

2 weeks
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A lot to unpack here, so I went to the range recently, I had a few objectives in place and they included:
1. Make sure my Type-A contractor was tuned to lock back on M193
2. See if I had POI Shift after adding the magpul extended handguard insted of the SLR one on my PSA AK-74
3. Continue to push my Shadow systems pistols through their break in period
4. Confirm the zero on my OZ9C with a BPX slide and ported barrel, as I recently had a squib load in the barrel.

I am looking for feedback on if you think the ports and comps made a noticeable difference, as I don't feel like they mitigate things as much as I expected them to.

Thanks for watching!


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