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No matter how you choose to clean, Otis has everything you need to care for your firearms; from the field, to the gun range and at your gun bench. Otis offers a comprehensive lineup of cleaning kits from single caliber and multi-caliber arrangements, to our complete universal cleaning kits that cover the full gamut from .17 caliber to 12 gauge in configurations to fit your shooting lifestyle.
• The Otis original Breech-to-Muzzle® Memory-Flex® pull-through cable gun cleaning system that revolutionized gun cleaning and made it possible to pack a complete universal cleaning kit into the palm of your hand.
• "One and Done" Ripcord pull through bore cleaner for a quick clean at the range or in the field even when your barrel is still hot.
• Otis Solid Brass Rod and Sectional Rod Cleaning Kits for a detailed cleaning at your gun bench using time honored traditional cleaning methods.
• As well as a full lineup of bore cleaners, lubricants, and gunsmithing tools

Otis products include a No-Nonsense Warranty and are manufactured in Lyons Falls, NY, USA

We are #AmericasGunCare

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