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MC-10 High Performance Grease + Lubricant:

As a unique mix of aerospace-industry lubricants that was formulated specifically for firearms, MC-10 delivers unrelenting protection from -65 all the way up to 650 degrees. It doesn’t look or feel like other formulas—and it doesn’t break down like other formulas when things get heated. When the mission is critical, MC-10 delivers without compromise.

This combo package includes a 1 fl. oz. spray bottle of MC-10 high performance synthetic lubricant as well as a MC-10 high performance synthetic grease contained in a 3mL precision applicator pen brush. These formulas deliver the ultimate in friction protection and won’t freeze, burn or carbonize – even in extreme temperatures. The grease pen delivers ultimate control to apply in precise areas such as the actions, triggers & slides.


MC-10 delivers extreme protection from -65 to 650 degrees
Will not freeze, burn or carbonize
Safe for all surfaces, including metals, plastics, rubbers and woods
Treated molecules hold to metal, unlike other lubricants
Odor-free, for worry-free indoor application

Make sure your gun is unloaded.
Remove all oils and solvents with a firearm cleaner, like Shooter’s Choice Quick Scrub.
Spray the MC-10 Lubricant onto the inner workings of your firearm to leave a thin layer.
Work your firearm to help the lubricant penetrate hard-to-reach places. (You might feel some friction the first few times you shoot, as MC-10 will push debris from deep within your gun’s metal.)
When needed, use solvent to remove built-up carbon, fouling and debris.
Reapply MC-10 Lubricant.

Click the yellow precision push button to control grease amount.
Apply to high friction areas, such as actions, triggers and slides for the ultimate protection.

►ABOUT OTIS Otis Technology was born in 1985 when our founder, a 16-year-old Doreen Garrett, fell into cold mud while deer hunting with her father. The barrel of her grandfather’s Model 94 Winchester was full of mud and the day's hunt was over. That day sparked the beginning of an endeavor to create a smarter solution to a problem every hunter, soldier, shooter, and firearm owner has encountered. On that day, Doreen had a vision for innovating gun care. That is where we began, in the mud, pulled down by our roots to reveal a tireless drive to create a quality product that will serve the men and women that depend on their firearms to feed their families and protect our country. Now, it is our uncompromising purpose and the big picture reason why we show up to work every day.

At Otis, our mission is to rethink and redefine gun care, giving gun owners better and smarter ways to keep their most cherished firearms in the best condition possible. That’s why our products are American-made and backed by a No-Nonsense Guarantee.
We are #AmericasGunCare.

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