Tenebraex Weapon Sight Polarizer: Must Have Observation Tool

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I was having a hard time seeing thru glare and reflections on glass, and after learning about these weapon sight polarizers I decided to spend my own money on it. Will I ever get reimbursed? Probably not, but finding the solution to the problem was more important to me than the $130 it costs. If you can't see the problem, you can't address it properly. You could just wear polarized sunglasses, but that has its own issues, including obstructed vision from the frame itself, glint off the lens being a target indicator, getting them snagged on gear or broken, and difficulties reading LCD displays is just a few. With the weapon polarizer, you always have it on your optic and it's not attached to your face, yay! Official website, blog, and online store. www.inner-bark.com Join me on social media to be up to date on the latest projects, news, and giveaways. Facebook- www.facebook.com/innerbark Twitter- www.twitter.com/innerbark Pintrest- www.pintrest.com/innerbark Instagram- www.Instagram.com/innerbark