CPR Kills & Hi-Point 10mm - SOTG 1170


How and why is CPR killing trauma victims? Is there anything that we can do to stop people from using CPR to kill? Professor Paul just released a new book detailing his 15 year experience teaching people to save lives.

What is the primary purpose of Duracoat? We will take a moment to consider. During our Brownells Bullet Points we will focus on preparation and community.

For our SOTG Homeroom from CrossBreed Holsters we discuss the fundamental four regarding everyday carry. Did you hear the news? Hi-Point now has a 10mm pistol.

Shout-out to https://www.youtube.com/@VanceOutdoors for their coverage of the Hi-Point JXP 10mm


0:00:00 - Witty Banter + New Intro!

0:03:48 - DuraCoat Finished Firearms

0:10:49 - Hi-Point 10mm Launch!

0:23:16 - Brownells Bullet Points

0:36:36 - Crossbreed SOTG Homeroom

0:48:00 - Book Launch & Medical Misinformation