The New Crew Cab Utility UTV to Check Out - Honda Pioneer 1000-6

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Six passengers, plus gear, yup that is correct! This fall I was privileged to get an invite from @Honda to check out the new 2023 Honda Pioneer 1000-6 crew cab utility side by side UTV. Now any ride vent would be cool enough, but this was in the mountains of Montana! Those that watch the channel know that I love my Honda Pioneer but how would this longer model ride, how would it compare? I talk about the new machine, how it road and show you the beautiful state of Montana too. Thanks for watching!

Other great channels were there that I had the privilege of hanging out with! @wranglerstar @StoneyRidgeFarmer @Dirtmonkey @TruckKing @RedToolHouse @HondaProKevin

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00:00 - Start
01:35 - A true crew model of the Honda Pioneer
02:47 - The Back Seat
03:40 - How does it ride on the trails?
04:37 - Specs and changes for this 1000-6
04:51 - Power Steering
05:14 - Thanks to our sponsor - Everlit Survival
06:15 - Turning Radius?
07:03 - Upgrades to the Front End
07:50 - The Frame
08:20 - Load, Towing and dump box
08:34 - Trail riding with a longer machine
09:00 - The rear end
09:40 - Other nice little upgrades to the line
10:12 - Why I really like Honda products

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