The QA November 2022 2022-11-28 20:28

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We are back for this month's episode of the QA, unfortunately not live. I have really come to love the live stream format and will miss getting to have you guys on the chats, next month though! This month I am out east on a contract class that I tell you a little about, talk holidays and then of course answer your questions. I truly appreciate the loyal followers we have of the series and look forward to seeing you every month!

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00:00 - Welcome back!
01:14 - How was your thanksgiving?
02:47 - Where am I and why isn’t this show live?
03:40 - Don’t Fall for the scams!!!
04:34 - Staccato C2 or the new CS for carry?
08:21 - Auditing in the firearms training industry?
10:37 - Set up an Instructor with a malfunction as a test?
11:54 - Government resources for government instructors?
12:53 - Top lessons about being a good instructor?
15:32 - When should instructors no longer teach?
17:41 - Eye issues in training?
21:08 - Thanks to Midwest Industries!!
21:43 - 20 MOA Base or 0 for my AR15?
23:20 - Do LPVOs really suck?
25:08 - What do I want to see new come out?
27:57 - Starting a gun Youtube Channel - advice?
34:06 - The Rules and Winner!

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