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Apologize for the crap sound, we were trying to shield the mic from the breeze, ended up kinda sounding like we were in a tunnel and making it difficult to understand me when I was turned away.   We'll redo the video later with 4 hosts and running a proper .375 can on the .375 RUM, but what we have here is:

-8" Accipiter 30 Ti prototype on a Rem 700 .308, 20" barrel, 150 gr. ball ammo.   The Ti is dimensionally identical to the standard 17-4 model, so performance is the same.  I am still testing the Ti critters, will probably make them available early in 2023.

-9" Accipiter 30 on a Mossberg Patirot .300 win mag, 22" barrel, 180 gr. handloads with 74.0 grs. RL-22

-9" Accipiter 458 on a Rem 700 .375 RUM, 26" barrel, 250 gr. Handloads with 96.8 grs IMR4350

The Accipiter 458 is definitely a bit louder on the .375 RUM than the Accipiter 375, but still comfortable for me without ears.   As I say in the video but difficult to understand, we'll redo this on a calmer day, also showing the 8" model on the win mag, a 6.5" model on the .308, the 9" Accipiter .375 on the RUM and the 458 model on our Marlin 1895 shooting 405 gr/2,050 FPS handloads.   Hopefullly soon, but weather doen't always cooperate out here in eastern CO, especially in the winter months!