Survival Ice Fishing, Skipulk sled and BHQ survival fishing kit with Yo Yo

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This was a little scouting trip for the future winter bug out video we will be doing in Feb of 2014. I went up and tested out the Skipulk (Sled). It was nothing short of awesome both on the snowmobile and on the snow shoes even in 6 foot deep snow. I wanted to get more footage, but I had a really tight time frame and wanted to just get in there and test gear, instead of film. So I apologize for the shaky footage. I also wanted to try out the BHQ survival fish kit along with the Yo Yo trap so we packed in an auger instead of an ax. The survival gear pulled up three fish in about an hour and a half. Two brook's and one tiger trout (initially misidentified). With the normal ice fishing gear Anthony pulled up 4 fish. Over all assessment is that all of the gear superseded expectations. Check out and for information on the gear I used.

Please watch: "How to use a Signal Mirror"