Self Contained 9mm PCC Upper - R&D Precision PW9 V2

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I got to check out this R&D Precision 9mm PCC upper receiver and liked how it is not only self contained, but also works with standard 9mm lowers. No buffer tube needed and the rail adaptor is included, what's not to like? Of course things look good but does it run at the range? We check it out in detail, go over the features and of course how it shoots.

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00:00 - Start
01:07 - Pricing and Availability
01:44 - Lower Compatibility
02:16 - What I liked about it
02:41 - Charging Handle, Overall Features
03:36 - Lower Receiver Rail Adaptor
04:05 - Upper Receiver Group
04:54 - Bolt Hold Open
06:32 - The Barrel and my one wish
07:33 - Final Thoughts

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