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Looking for the Best AR15 Adjustable Gas Block - The RIFLESPEED is it.

Looking for the Best AR15 Adjustable Gas Block - The RIFLESPEED is it.

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I was skeptical when I first heard of another adjustable gas block coming to the market. Then I saw the RIFLESPEED and immediately was very interested. This gas block is robust, easy to adjust, easy to service and regulates gas easily, going from non-suppressed to suppressed is a breeze. In this video we go over the product, how it works and why you should consider this over the other products on the market.

00:00 - Start
02:15 - Triggrcon 2022
03:06 - What makes it so cool
03:53 - Why an Adjustable Gas Block?
05:45 - Difference the Gas Block Makes
06:32 - Selecting the right length gas block knob
07:48 - Compared to a low profile adjustable gas block
09:01 - How it works
09:48 - Take it apart for cleaning and maintenance
12:59 - Straight gas tubes
13:48 - Final Thoughts
14:13 - Pricing and Availability
14:53 - Gun Nerd Talk I had with the Founder

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