The QA Live - August 2022

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We are back for the QA Live, August 2022 episode.
Sorry for some of the technical glitches, the joy of live streaming, appreciate your patience.

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Show Timeline:
0:00 - Show Staging - Waiting for audience
03:34 - Show Starts, news and updates
09:00 - TriggrCon 2022 Update
11:09 - Beverage of the Day. #notsponsored
16:55 - First Questions and Comments
19:22 - Mail Call from Yeti
22:40 - More Questions and Comments
54:10 - Thank you to Lucky Shot USA
56:32 - Back to Questions and Comments
1:08:05 - Dave's childhood dream
1:09:13 - Luck Prize Winners
1:12:12 - Last Comments and Wrapping Up

Thanks for Watching!!

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LPVO 1-10 Comparison -
Tract Optics 4.5-30 -
Arisaka Offset Optic Mount -
Staccato 2011 New Shooter Guide -
Ballistic Expert Talk:
Part 1 -
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Threadlocker 101 -

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