How To Install New Glock Sights - Featuring Tyrant Designs

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Installation starts at 3:39

This video is for education only and does not violate YouTube’s community guidelines. This modification does NOT affect the function of the firearm in any way.

If you really don’t like the plastic sights that came on your Glock, don’t worry, no one else likes them either. In this video, I’ll show you the proper way to upgrade your sights with some Tyrant Designs full metal sights!

You will need a few tools to get this done, so here are some helpful Amazon links for several different options:

The cheapest way, but not recommended, plastic punches and hammer set:

Second cheapest way using a very basic sight pushing tool:

NcSTAR universal rear sight pushing tool:

Wheeler sight pushing tool:

Real Avid master sight pusher I used in the video:

TRUGLO set that includes the pushing tool and front sight tool:

Glock mag tool and punch set:

Super solid vise for all your holding needs:

I’ve really been enjoying getting into gunsmithing tools and Real Avid tools specifically:

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