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Mantis Laser Academy, Blackbeard, & X10 - How To Make Dry Fire Fun & Effective

Mantis Laser Academy, Blackbeard, & X10 - How To Make Dry Fire Fun & Effective

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Affiliate links to get your own Mantis gear directly from the Mantis website:
Laser Academy: https://bit.ly/3BqAIVb
Mantis X10 Elite: https://bit.ly/3bnbEnu
Blackbeard: https://bit.ly/3zirMhX

Next Level Training SIRT Laser Trainer: http://bo283.infusionsoft.com/aff.html?to=https ://nextleveltraining.com/product/sirt-110-training-pistol-2/

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Amazon links for all the Mantis gear:
Laser Academy full kit: https://amzn.to/3vspv2E
Mantis X10: https://amzn.to/3zKALK4
Dryfire Mag (will not work with a laser bullet, but it does reset the trigger of your carry gun) https://amzn.to/3QajGhY

This video takes a deep dive into the Laser Academy dry fire training system from Mantis. We also take a look at the Blackbeard, which is a drop-in AR-15 auto-resetting trigger laser system that pairs perfectly with the Laser Academy.

Chapter Markers:

Intro 0:00
Basic Overview 1:10
Reasons to Use Mantis vs Dry Firing on Your Own 2:37
How Laser Academy Works 3:43
Options Available 4:48
Application Overview and Shooting Modes 5:32
Die Hard Mode 7:31
Konami Code 8:10
Training Ideas 8:27
Intro to The Blackbeard System 9:15
Cost of Entry (it's free) 12:39
How to Use The System More Effectively 14:04
Intro to Duel Mode (Two Shooters at Once) 15:13
Duel Mode for Training Your Wife and Kids 15:53
Duel Mode Live Demo 16:40
Why Mantis Laser Academy Helps So Much 19:21
Duel With My Wife Using "Hunt" Mode 20:30
Ideas to Use Duel Mode With a Group 23:01
How to Get a Mantis X10 and Laser Academy Working on the Same Device at the Same Time 24:20
Using Split Screen to Run the X10 and LA at the Same Time 27:15
Sponsorship Disclosure 29:45
Affiliate Links and Closing 30:05

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This video was made possible by Mantis.
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