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Stopping an active shooter - 40 Yard Handgun Shots

Stopping an active shooter - 40 Yard Handgun Shots

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In Greenwood, Indiana a Good Samaritan, 22 yea old Elisjsha Dicken saved countless lives by stopping an active shooter while lawfully carrying his handgun. The even more amazing part is he engaged the shooter who was armed with a rifle at 40 yards! 40 yard handgun shots are not something we typically practice or train for. How hard is a 40 yard handgun shot? Dave heads to the range to dry this drill, cold, with a variety of carry handguns to see how much of a challenge this is.

To learn more etc. the direct links are on our website article: https://www.gunsandtactics.com/stopping-an-active-shooter-40-yard-handgun-shots

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00:00 - Good guy stops active shooter
01:10 - 40 Yard Shots
01:28 - Our drill - 40 yards, 10 second Par Time
02:00 - Drill with the Staccato XC 2011
02:52 - Drill with the Glock 19
04:03 - Drill with the Glock 43X
05:19 - Testing your capability…cold
05:31 - Help me help out Hero!
05:44 - Get out and train

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