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Ruger MK II 22LR Accuracy Repeatability 15- and 50-yards Ransom Rest Removing the Human Error

Ruger MK II 22LR Accuracy Repeatability 15- and 50-yards Ransom Rest Removing the Human Error

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Ransom Rest
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This video is of the Ruger MK II chambered in 22 LR
This is an Iconic well-known handgun.

How will this gun do? What ammo does this gun like? We did not test all ammo just a couple different weight to see what it really does and why so many love this gun. Test at 15 and 50 yards. In this video we show two different ammo weight at those distances and what the gun does.

Is it me the gun or the ammo? Have you ever shot at a soda can at 15 yards and say? I can't believe I missed that. Can your pistol even hold under 1.5" at 15 yards? If it can't, it may increase your chances of missing.

Accuracy matters. Sure, many guns can do an occasional 1.5" or sub 1" group but can they do it repeatable. Some guns may have 3 or 4 rounds that group good once in a awhile but not all 8 rounds. And are they Repeatable 8 round? Again, and again. What ammo does the gun like? Is it me the gun or the ammo?

We are here to find out. We do not cherry pick the rounds or groups this is real true results in our videos. This is why you may miss that soda can. If you are not testing, you are guessing as they say.

First shots and groups shown here. No special formula no tricks out of box stock gun and stock ammo.

Ransom Rest test for repeatability. Many various types of ammo used to get a average base line of grouping. More tests to come so stay tuned.

Subscribe to channel to get notification, will add more tests and video soon. No special formula, stock ammo stock gun real world test in real world environment. You can do this test to.

This test was done at the 15-yard mark. It grouped very well for the distance. then we went to 50 yards.

What ammo does your gun like? What ammo do you prefer? Is it me or the gun? Ransom Rest helps you find this out.

We here at Ransom hopes this video will encourage you to look at our Ransom Rest. We hope this video will show you a clearly why Ransom Rest is the preferred way to test.

Ransom Rest uses what it makes. So, when you buy a Ransom Rest you will be purchasing it from shooters who support shooters.

If you have any questions let us know.
Also please forgive any grammar, punctuation or spelling. It is not our specialty.

The Pew Pew Rest Professionals.

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