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How to use your 2 Point Sling on your AR15

How to use your 2 Point Sling on your AR15

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Dave shows you some tips and hacks to run your 2 point sling like a pro. It is no secret that Dave's preference is the 2 point but after watching this video you can understand why. Not only does it secure and retain your rifle, but it can also be used as a hasty support sling, on barricades and objects. These lessons were learned at various rifle classes, sniper classes, matched and Dave's experience using a patrol rifle over the last two decades.

To learn more etc. the direct links are on our website article: https://www.gunsandtactics.com/how-to-use-your-2-point-sling-on-your-ar15

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00:00 - Intro and the argument of single versus double point slings
01:06 - Rifle set up for sling use
02:03 - Beauty of QD Swivels
02:53 - Do you really switch shoulders? C’mon
03:22 - Still have that single point sling dangle
04:05 - How I run the sling most of the time
04:32 - But won’t it catch on gear?
04:46 - Wearing sling with gear
05:24 - Hasty sling for suport
06:27 - Using the sling on an object
08:40 - Most obvious advantage of the 2 point sling
10:01 - Or just wear it as a necklace
10:36 - What sling do you like better?

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