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The Conversations We AREN'T Having- Gun Control is the EASY Route and Solves Nothing

The Conversations We AREN'T Having- Gun Control is the EASY Route and Solves Nothing

3 months
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These are my earnestly held beliefs on some of the reoccurring factors in these tragedies that we keep experiencing as a nation. I do not believe that gun control will have the effect that many championing it think it will, and in fact think it will hurt exponentially more people than it could ever possibly help. The 2nd Amendment is something that is uniquely American in that it's always been considered a RIGHT as opposed to a privilege as is the case in many other nations.

These are the conversations we aren't having and my thoughts on why gun control is the easy answer and won't solve anything.

The guns in this nation are not new. So me must look at what HAS changed, and my research on the matter leads me to believe that the proliferation of online bullying, social media, the break down of the family and epidemic of fatherlessness all play a role in the situation. Added into that is the potential side effects of SSRI medications.

Mental Health and Concealed Carry Video- https://youtu.be/bgydPmRLzKk

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