Race Wars: The Different Species of Kombat - EtN 004


One of Mortal Kombat’s greatest strengths has always been its variety. From normal humans, to ninjas, to magic, to technology, to monsters. Monsters like the Shokan, the Tarkatans, and the latest addition, the Naknada.

So today I will be sitting down and talking about the various races and species of Mortal Kombat. Throughout the realms, there are tons of interesting designs, backstories, and cultures for people beyond just the surface of Earthrealm.

So the question that I am posing today is this… of all the monstrous races in the realms of Mortal Kombat, who would come out on top in an all-out WAR?

Also at the end, I go through ALL the listed races of Mortal Kombat, and discuss which one is my favorite, my least favorite, and my single top monstrous character that I love.


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