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Shooting Metal Targets Safely/What To Buy

Shooting Metal Targets Safely/What To Buy

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There’s just something special about the sound of a metal target when you hit it, especially if it’s delayed from distance shooting. Self healing targets that move are fun too. Metal targets are the focus of this video.

Rifle rounds would punch right through my mild steel pistol target without a sound and they have from friends that didn’t know. It has been repaired by welding a few times. Even if it’s thick, don’t shoot mild steel with a rifle. The round can ricochet back at you causing severe injury or death.

The 1/2” AR500 targets can handle 338 lapua magnum and lower. No 50 bmg.

Go for the Amazon Warehouse deals if they are available:

2x4 base: Birchwood Casey Gong Nested Steel

2x4 base: Champion Traps and Targets

2x4 AR500 Angled Target Hanger

Grade 8 Bolts for Target Hanger:

I bought nylon locking nuts for the bolts at a local hardware store.

Springs for Target Hanger from Xsteel Products

AR500 2/3 IDPA IPSC Steel

3/8" - Grade 100 Alloy Chain

T post hangers: Make It Ring Targets AR500 Target

Use the classic old style of T Posts, not the new shiny style that have a different shape.

1/2”x 4”Gong: Make It Ring Targets AR500 Steel

Many gong sizes to choose from: ShootingTargets7 - AR500 Steel

The 16” gong: ShootingTargets7 16" AR500 Gong 3/8"

Thor Target base and Hanger combo. I have the old version shown in this video (blue and I shot a hole in it.) and I use it when I’m transporting my targets to the long range spot. I use a big rock on it to keep it from tipping over.

Splatter paper targets: 12"x12" Sight in Adhesive
Base for paper target is Thor brand


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