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PTR 32P SBR Rugged Micro 30 and Radiant

PTR 32P SBR Rugged Micro 30 and Radiant

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PTR 32P short barreled rifle. The short 8.5” 7.62x39 barrel doesn’t let all the powder in the cartridge fully burn before exiting, so a longer silencer or one with a flash hider is very useful. This is a very reliable set up. Subsonic ammo will not cycle in it though.

It needs a low back pressure silencer to cycle properly, otherwise you get bolt bounce off of the first shot and a light strike after that. After finding that out with my Specwar 7.62 and Chimera (both perfect on other guns), I first used my OSS HX-QD 7.62 which worked well, but my PTR 51P sbr prefers it. Now my favorite on here is the Micro 30 with flash hider. Because of it’s wider bore and only 3 baffles, it’s a low back pressure can that functions well and sounds great, although not as low of back pressure as the OSS. The Radiant has a wider bore as well, and function well on this gun. It has a longer length, so it shuts this gun up even more. I prefer the shorter Micro 30 just because I still wear ear pro with both being that I’m using supersonic rounds that are exiting the barrel close to my ears.

POF od green handguard

POF SEF od green finger groove lower

POF od green stock

Rubber buttpad

Holosun 510C Elite green dot

Rugged Micro 30

Rugged Radiant

Rugged flash hider front cap

Magpul MS1 sling

HK holding clip for sling to stock

1.25” HK snap sling hook


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