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Micro Draco SBR Dead Air Wolverine PBS-1*Why to only use subsonic rounds*

Micro Draco SBR Dead Air Wolverine PBS-1*Why to only use subsonic rounds*

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2 months
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This was a dream build from long ago. It started as a pistol that I used a Form 1 to make it into a short barreled rifle. I started with the Ace Stock and Stormwerkz Hinge shown in the picture. It also has a Hogue OverMold grip.

When you hear low back pressure, there is a little less, but OSS is the only company that truly can claim it. With less than 200 rounds of Golden Tiger 124 grain and Detroit Ammo 220 subsonic rounds, the damage was done.

I contacted Vince at Mesa Kinetic Research and he and his team fixed the problem. They cut off the bent material, filled the old holes, installed the new triangle stock and trunnion and refinished the whole gun. A replacement buffer/spacer needed to be imported and installed. Part of the wood grip had to be cut out to allow the stock to close all the way. With the shorting of the receiver, this is definitely a one of a kind gun. He said not to ever shoot it suppressed again because if the same thing happened, it wouldn’t be possible to cut any more material off and fix it.

They also put on an Occam railed gas block to replace the Magpul rail that I Gorilla glued onto the original gas block. I have a Holosun HS507C on there now.

It’s been a safe queen for quite awhile, but after making this channel, I decided the other day to make this video with the Brown Bear 196 grain subsonic loads. No visible wear yet, even suppressed. I think it’s low back pressure enough.

The 75 round stick mag was a present from a good friend. He thought it would be perfect for this short gun because it was hard to rock into place on his 16” gun as it would hit the front handguard. He didn’t know how reliable it would be. You can see my experience and that was made better with some minor filing. Perhaps more filing could make it more reliable.

Learning from my experience, don’t shoot supersonic rounds suppressed through a Micro Draco unless you have an OSS can on it. Put a Wolverine PBS-1 on it and shoot subs for gun porn sexy shooting!


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