Early Spring Bluegill with Ice Fishing Jigs

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This show was filmed in 2007 on a lake that is no longer open. We used Custom Jigs & Spins Ratfinkee jigs, which are normally used for ice fishing. However, I have had tremendous success with this lure and its Tungsten version, the Wolffinkee for open water at all times of the year, and especially early spring. Ratso and Tutso jigs are also good choices, and just about any horizontal ice jig fastened to the line with a King Sling knot. Another jig that works very well for larger bluegills and crappies is the Natural Forage Baits' T-Shad rigged on a 1/16-ounce B-Fish-N H20 Precision jig head. All of these, as in the video are drifted under a float, and can be used from shore or a boat.