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Finished tanto and more progress to Tenryu Edo Katana

Finished tanto and more progress to Tenryu Edo Katana

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6 months
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Finished product of my tanto and progress on my Tenryu Edo Katana. List of services perform to the Tanto include

  1. Reshaping the tang a bit

  2. Making a Tsuba adding Seppa I already had on hand

 3. Carving a tsuka for it

 4. Wrapping the handle in Shonai zuka using some old suede ito I had laying around from a raptor

 5. Replacing the thin wooden kurigata with a substantially sized horn kurigata

 6. Adding gold shitodome that were made in Japan

 7. Adding a nice quality Japanese made cotton checker pattern sageo

 8. Refinishing the saya

 9. Shimming the saya

 10. Sharpening the blade. 



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