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CGS Hyperion VS Dead Air Nomad L on a 16” and 20” .308

CGS Hyperion VS Dead Air Nomad L on a 16” and 20” .308

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Bergara B14 HMR 20” .308 with CGS Hyperion, Primary Arms PLx ACSS HUD DMR 6-30x56, Warn rail, UTG P.O.I. Rings, Triggertech Primary, Short Action Precision 2 round holder, Magpul 10 round AICS mag and Boscabel Bel-loc19 bipod complete kit.

Remington 700 SPS Tactical 16” .308 in the grey Bergara HMR stock with Dead Air Nomad L, Primary Arms GLx ACSS HUD DMR 6-24x50, Talley medium rings, Bergara HMR stock and bolt knob, Triggertech Primary trigger, Short Action Precision 2 round holder, Magpul 10 round AICS mag, 3 slot rail and bipod.

What’s the best? Sound wise to me, the CGS Hyperion was barely quieter, lower tone on the 20”, but it was hard to tell on the 16”. Your speakers might tell me more. Please comment if you can tell a difference. The sonic crack will always be loud. I like them on the hosts stated above.

Pew Science just came out with meters on 10/28/2021 for the Nomad L and the CGS Hyperion

They each have their benifits.

The Dead Air Nomad L is shorter and stronger when heated. It’s better for high rates of fire and shorter barrels. It costs less too. You can use the direct thread it comes with or even different mounts from other companies. You can also buy a 6.5 or 5.56 end cap to quiet it even more which can be very beneficial on bolt action guns.

The CGS Hyperion is the quietest suppressor made right now according to Pew Science. It does have some sparking on at least the first round, because it’s titanium, as you could see (although I haven’t noticed sparking from my titanium Thunderbeast Ultra 9 in 6.5. I’ve heard the sparking goes away in time and that could account for the TBAC can not sparking now, and if I didn’t notice any when it was new.) It’s made for the Sig 25 degree tapered barrels. If your barrel has a square shoulder, no taper, it should be greater than .735” if you want to direct thread it on to your host. If not, you’ll need a Hyperion thread adapter. CGS now has a Vented Front Cap you can buy to let gas out and reduce back pressure for semi autos.


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