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Should You Co-witness Your Handgun RDS to Iron Sights?

Should You Co-witness Your Handgun RDS to Iron Sights?

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Guns and Tactics
2 months
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So you've got a red dot optic on your handgun, and some back up iron sights, do they work together? Should I slave the dot to the sights? What about co-witness this or that? Well this topic comes up a lot and we've got you covered. In this video we talk about what the dot does, and what the iron sights do and how you should be using the dot when shooting. Hopefully this answers a lot of the questions out there, but if not, please leave a comment so we can help out. Or better yet send a question to [email protected]

Looking for a great handgun red dot sight, check this out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0IusIV-ic3o

Here is the link to get stuff for yourself https://bit.ly/3tZnydJ

Be sure to check out our website for more. https://www.gunsandtactics.com

00:00 - Intro
00:31 - A Little Humor
02:00 - My Background on the Subject
02:56 - The Basic Info - Red Dot and Back up Sights
03:27 - What is Co-Witness
04:40 - Why no co-witness on handgun
05:02 - Handgun Red Dot Setup
05:48 - What it looks like
06:06 - When would I use backup sights?
06:49 - Advantage of red dot sight not slaving to iron sights
07:44 - What about when zeroing?
08:47 - Here is what it should look like
10:50 - But I can’t find the dot without the sights?
11:29 - Get good red dot training
12:13 - Wrapping up

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