The Right Arm of the Free World: DS Arms SA58 - Real Men Wear Shorts Ep. 01

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When I was coming of age, the FN FAL or simply the FAL was known as “the Right Arm of the Free World”. For the uninitiated, FN stands for Fabrique Nationale the Belgian firearms manufacturer in Herstal, often referred to as “FN Herstal”. FAL means Fusil Automatique Leger in French.

The English translation is Light Automatic Rifle. Since it was released to the world in 1953, numerous countries have produced licensed copies of the original FAL rifle. The most notable nations have been South Africa, Austria, the UK, Canada, and later, the United States though there have been many others. Depending on the nation of origin, the FAL had other names such as the R1, the L1A1 (L1), and the C1A1 (C1). The Austrian version was called the Stg58 and the United States version built by DS Arms is the SA58.

Welcome to the first installment of our newest video series “Real Men Wear Short: Guns of the African Bush Wars”, or RMWS for short. We’ve got many more episodes of this to come, so sit back and we hope you enjoy it!